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Residential and Nursing Homes

Residential and Nursing Homes

Do you need extra help at your residential and nursing homes? Angel Solutions provides expertly trained and compassionate carers to your nursing home. We take your unique situations into account and our team of professional carers will offer unique and catered solutions so that all the needs of your patients are met. We recognize the importance a carer has to a nursing home that’s why we can work with local nursing homes in the Croydon area, and other surrounding areas; becoming an extension to your care home business.

Qualities are carers posses are as follows,

  • Qualified
  • Compassionate
  • Well organised
  • Caring
  • Observant
  • Empathetic
  • Reliable


To find out more information, call Angel solutions on 020 8684 8989 to speak to one of our care experts today.

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What customers say about our carers

Emma White

Thank you so much for looking after my mother. I have been around to see her today, and the flat has never looked cleaner, or better maintained. Thanks finally for doing the laundry, and for the spotless state of the flat. You are a marvel.
Best wishes


John Cole

On a personal note Thanks again for your help and excellent service provided by your staff.